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:: Friday, June 20, 2003 ::


Yes, I am here! And YES, I am updating! And YES, it seems I was Teh Miss-anthrope today! (Geddit..? Misanthrope??)

My hormones seem to have exploded and they're all like up in the air laughing, teasing and jeering at me. My mirror has suffered the burden of a cruel reflection these past mornings for I have looked a state. I have looked what I can only describe as a passing resemblance to a banshee woman. My hair being stuck on end like I have stuck my fingers in an electrical plug socket for about ten minutes then jumped into the bath with the company of a toaster - plugged into the mains. I have not slept well is my excuse. Hormones + hot weather = No sleep for Kelly. And when I do sleep..I have teh oddest dreams..::giggles to self:: Yeah, yeah..and there are those of you who are probably saying, "Kell, you look fine. You're going on about NOTHING." Trust me. I tell teh truth. (What do you mean, you're NOT saying that??! ::stamps feet:: =P )

I have confused my brother into thinking I have completely lost teh plot. Those who know me, know what I mean when I mention TEH CURSE and GRR. My brother, however, does not. He thinks I'm teh madness. I sat at teh compy whining, "Teh pain! Oh, TEH pain! I can't take teh PAIN! It's TEH CURSE! TEH CURSE! OMG! I hate you cos YOU ARE A GRR! Grr! Bloody grr!" Ah, it's great freaking your bro's out. It means they go away and leave you to enjoy your own company - and by that, I mean, nice activities like Scrabble. (What were YOU thinking??)

BUT...I think I'm fine now. ^_^ I apoligise to anyone who crossed my line of fire! ^_^;; ::meeps::

I haven't got long but I'm gonna make a start on teh things I was meant to tell y'all about. (Geez, I've been gearing this up for SO long peeps are gonna think these stories are summat awe inspiring and ground breaking when really...they're just simple, little things. EXCEPT for teh marriage of my bro. Ha...ha..aheh..of course I wouldn't deem your marriage as something trivial, bro!) ^_^;

Well, anyway, in a nutshell...my brother got married to his partner of three years who, yes, happens to be male. ::Dun dun DUN:: Btw, anyone who thinks this is funny or is thinking of taking the piss can fuck right off. I haven't any time for intolerance. And the fact is, if ur reading this and thinking of taking the piss, you can't really be my friend, can you? My friends are all decent, lovely, gorgeous people!! ::huggles all round:: Gotta get me some bigger arms to hug everyone like Plastic Man. Ah, wasn't Plastic Man great?

So, yeah...I wasn't able to attend the wedding as my bro said it was kinda a small affair with few people. I think really he just woulda been uncomfortable with having family members around. Y'know, smooching and stuff. I've never seen him kiss his partner. I don't know why it troubles him. I wouldn't be bothered. It's not any different to seeing your bro kiss his girlfriend. Other things..you don't need to see..Like just the same as you DON'T need to see your bro in bed with his girlfriend. HA HA HA!! That reminds me, this soon to be wed couple (I DO NOT know them btw - they were on TV) wanted to give the guests a present to celebrate their wedding. A screening of this couple IN BED expressing their love for eachother...getting down n dirty..getting to the nitty gritty. Ah, y'know what I mean! It's like these poor guests are trying to eat their buffet and wedding cake and they've got a video of the couple making out like bunnies in the background. Talk about awkward and not to mention off putting. Some things should just stay in the bedroom. Does nobody have any morals and decency anymore?? But then...what was I doing watching this program late at night? Oh, illness! I hath been corrupted! Father, I repent! I am NOT this prude...I've seen worse...much worse...hehehe..ain't that right, Holly and Darren? I've seen...videos and photographic evidence...now I'm just trying to spook you. I haven't really...or have I...? Heh. I wouldn't be THAT sick...ugh ::shudders::

Oh, bloody hell! I'm off-topic! Didn't I start this topic off with, "...in a nutshell..."? In a bloody nutshell, my arse! Man, I CAN ramble. ANYWAY, I am invited to a BIG, BIG party to celebrate their wedding! Whee! Always teh opportunity of free DRINK fills my eyes with glee! ^_^;; Actually, I'm just really looking forward to getting my hands on some more confetti. That stuffz tastes nice! ::grin::

:: Kelly 8:58 PM [+] ::
:: Wednesday, June 18, 2003 ::

Heh, lazy bones am I. I just got this siggy and matching avvy finished..HURRAH for meh!

Psst..I will update and elaborate on the previous going on's like I said I would.

P.S. I leave you with teh words of teh wise one known as Holly, "...vuck me. the lil vucker that could..." Teh..lil vucker that could...? Fly an aeroplane? Drink acid? Burp fire? :shrugs: I dunno she just stopped right there in her email to me. Strange...very..very..strange girl. =P

:: Kelly 3:36 PM [+] ::

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