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:: Thursday, July 24, 2003 ::


Well, well…thought I’d gone, didn’t ya? Well, you’re wrong, punks. Cos I’m still here alive and kicking every n00b here, there and everywhere.

Just a quick note while I’m here (and whilst I still remember it =P ) Daniel, y’know I said I was clearing my compy of old files today? Well…I found something. (No, it’s not THAT). Anyhoo, I found this track that I’m listening to right now, Zone of the Enders – Battle. I think you should listen to it. I swear it’s that Hybrid track, Finished Symphony. 0.o Oh, well you can check it out when you’re staying over mine. Whilst I’m on the subject of my pad… (YES! The parents are going away for two weeks! Bring on the wild parties! Bring on wet, naked bishonen guys riding shoopuffs shouting, “RIDE Z SHOOPUFF?” Bring on the bondage! Bring on depravity! BRING ON DIRTY, DIRTY, HARD, FAST, HEART PUMPING, HEART PULSATING….err…television gardening shows…of course. What did YOU think I was gonna say? Honestly, anyone would think that you THINK I have a dirty mind and a naughty, naughty nature. REALLY! Well, I never! You don’t know me at all, do you? Since why would I let a bunch o wet, nekkid guys ride a fucktard excuse for an elephant when they could ride…BICYCLES instead. YEAH. >_>;

Gotta get dressed soon and venture into The Black Sheep armed with a, ‘I’m well ‘ard. I can take you all on. Bring your ass, ho. I am God.’ Attitude. Mother needs to free up the phone so I can’t bash the n00bs online on PSO. It looks like the common folk of Croydon are in for it. I’m not one to start a fight. But I’m not one for taking any shit either. YES. I had a BAD day. =P I was thinking after chatting to Daniel, I could either stay in like he said or I could go out and be a grumpy, pissed off bitch all night OR I could go out, leave work at WORK, have a really good time with my friends, leave happy, go home, say goodnight to the one I love then fall into a deep sleep. The latter is the very thing I’m gonna do tonight. ^_^ AH!!! Ghost in the Shell – Beneath the Mask is such A BRILLIANT TRACK!!! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Come with me my Phantasy Star Online virgins who are yet to suffer TEH N00B. LET ME TELL YOU WHAT’S GOING DOWN IN N00BVILLE!! Ahahahahaha!! Sorries, excuse me….ROFLMFAO….N’YAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Man, these guys are DESPERATE. Within two hours online, The Great Sphinx captured the digital hearts of two guys. Heh, there was rivalry in the air for sure! Instead of a long drawn out clashing of antlers, the mating dance was IN FACT a fast, furious button bashing of GameCube controllers and Datel Powerboard keys in order to get out AS MANY RARES AS POSSIBLE. ALL FOR ME!! MUHAHAHA!!

“Hey, Sphinx…baby…chick…Princess…What do you wanna do? ^_~ “

“Well, how about you show me your rares? =n.n= “

Heh heh heh…^_~ ::whips rares out. KACHING!!::

“There we go! ^_^ “

“Wow…Impressive. ::Grin::”

::Giggles to self:: Hahaha!! It didn’t actually happen like that..I just chatted and was being friendly and in NO WAY flirty at all but THAT way just sounds so much funnier!!

A n00b walks into my Overture game on a European server with the character name, MOTOROLA. He thought it was funny to use his hot keys to say, “HELLO MOTO” like all the freakin time!! GAH!! Man, I wish I could hack these newbs. I don’t mind new players who come online and just wanna play a game – I don’t mind taking out time to teach them but idiots who come online just to cuss, swear, be generally annoying and think they’re funny when they’re not can all get hacked to hell. GAH!! More on this later…I have to go out tonight!!


As on the mountains, when the
Clouds above
Fall to the Earth in Mist, - a
Man may see
The dim, white blossom of
Some Cherry tree
So only have I seen the One
I love.

~ Tsunayuki

:: Kelly 6:33 PM [+] ::

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