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:: Saturday, August 02, 2003 ::


There is SO much I need to remember for this month...

Birthdays are bleeding me dry. August ALWAYS does this to me. I've got dad's, my sis', Andre's, bro's, Che's birthdays..think that's all of them...BUT then teh date of destiny..it is preordained...teh 29th August shall be upon us...MICHAEL JACKSON'S BIRTHDAY. NO, REALLY...I'm joking. IT IS his birthday but that's not what I am looking forward to. I'm looking forward to MY birthday. Yes, 29th August for all you Kell's birthday forgetters out there. Make sure you come to PS2 Experience to celebrate my 21st. I went last year and had a such a great time! ^_^

I'm doing one of my 4 day birthday things where I take four days out and just have FUN. I haven't planned all 4 days yet but I'm getting round to it. Last year was:

Thurs - Get ABSOLUTELY drunk at Sheep
Fri - Hang out with friends
Sat - PS2 Exp.
Sun - Get drunk again -_-

MY BRO: "4 day birthday...? Who do YOU think you are? The Queen or something??!"


This year is different. Since I rarely touch alcohol anymore, there's gonna be a sense of maturity in the air tho..I'm kinda holding out for a party complete with bouncy castle and performing clown on one of my fun days. =P

My, oh my...is THAT teh time?? I must go. Gotta prepare one of meh BBQ's...

Oh, Holly! Well done for getting your worl out there and recognised! Please check out her fantasy art at www.epilogue.com under Holly Alp. (I will link this properly when I have the time. ATM I'm kinda rushing about). P.S. I want a copy of Metallicat!!
:: Kelly 3:21 PM [+] ::

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