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:: Sunday, November 16, 2003 ::

EVERYONE should play this game. EVERYONE. Go out and buy a copy for Christmas because I SAID SO. If you want a return to the basics of RPG's and tactical thought. THEN BUY THIS GAME. DON'T give in to that illegitimate daughter of a bizarre Tomb Raider and FFX pairing! Final Fantasy has NEVER created a sequel until NOW. It's almost unlawful to do so in my little world =P DISOWN her and buy Final Fantasy Tactics Advance!!

By the way, I REALLY like Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. =P

Well, kids, I have only a short amount of time on here because I have a multitude of tasks to fulfil today. (Read: I need a blue mage, a shooter, an elementalist, need to raise my characters, raise my stats, raise my clan level and I need more crystals).

NOW, here are some people who waste more time than MYSELF with games SHIGGITY SHIGGITY SHWA! NOW. I think THAT just proves that anyone can create a Flash cartoon. Speaking of which, HOLLY, when will you grace us with S&S' debut?? I shall not reveal the full title. I shall only refer to it as S&S. Thus adding mystery and creating a hype. =P That's NOT the real reason though. It is because there are many thieves on the net.



You know who you are....MYSTERY ARKHANA DRAGONESS IMPERSONATOR. No, you are not EVEN safe here. ::chuckles to self:: Ah, Holly knows what I mean. At least, I think she does when she says, "Now, now. I understand, Kel." Then dishes me out a few thousand pills o.0;

:: Kelly 2:17 PM [+] ::

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